Nearly all our pitches are bookable online. You can easily book your pitch or cabin at onlinebooking, via the button “book” at the top of the page.


You can stay in a motorhome, caravan or tent on the pitches. We do not have special pitches for motorhomes, but there are better alternatives dependant on the weather. Please contact us if you are uncertain. You can read about tent pitches further on.

When you book with us you book a specific pitch, thus it can be difficult to extend your stay, particularly when there is high demand.


Most camping pitches are about 100 square meters with an electricity hook-up of 10 amps.

Rows 134 – 142 are 120 square meters in size. The pitches are grassed.


Pitches 242 – 250 are drop-in pitches, likewise pitches 279 – 288. Therefore, they cannot be booked in advance. These pitches are a good alternative if you are unsure how long you want to stay.

Time on these pitches is always extendable.


Rows 289 – 298 are pitches without electricity.

289 – 293 are not bookable, they are drop-in pitches. The rest of the pitches, 294 – 298 are bookable online.  

Shower and entrence

At check-in you get two cards/pitch for access to the gate at the entrance and to the showers in the service building.

They must be returned at check-out.

8 minutes of shower time per day is included, divided over the two cards.

To buy extra time costs SEK 4 for 2 minutes.


At the service building there is an easy-access flush plate for motorhomes to empty grey water and fill up with fresh. Latrine emptying is at a designated place in the service building. There is also a Camper Clean for emptying the latrine tank. There are standpipes throughout the campsite,

See the site map    

Tent pitches

In the tent area we have three rows where you can place your tent and car. The middle row and towards the woods are pitches without electricity hook-up.

There is drop-in at the tent area so you can pitch your tent on any free space in these two rows.

The row nearest the motorhomes offers pitches for campers who want electricity hook-up.

There is no fridge or utensils for tent campers, but exchanging cool packs is SEK 5/change/pack.