The pool area

The pool area has a 25-meter-long temperate pool with waterslide and children’s pool. There is a communal steam room and a sauna in both the ladies’ and men’s changing rooms for cooler days.

Pet, alcohol and smoking free areas.


In the pool kiosk, ice-cream, drinks, coffee, sweets, hotdogs and beach toys are available.


The pool and the kiosk are open all day

10.00-18.00 from 6 June - 11 August.


Entrance price/day

Campsite guests

SEK 30/person

SEK 100/family (4 people)

Show your shower card for reduced prices


Day visitors

SEK 60/person

SEK 200/family (4 people)


Children under 4 years of age are free.


Hello world


Is the pool included if you are staying at the campsite?

It is not included in the camping fee but campsite guests have reduced prices


Can you take food into the area?

Yes, it is fine to bring your picnic in to the pool area. It is forbidden to bring in alcohol and glass bottles or similar.


Can you leave the area and come back in at a later time in the day?

On entry you are issued with a swim-band which you wear round your arm and you can go in and out as you like all day.


Is it possible to buy entrance for the whole week if we are staying at the campsite?

Unfortunately not. The swim-band is issued every day.


Can I go into the area with my child even if I am not swimming?

Everyone going into the area must be issued with a swim-band